I love my job so much I don’t even know what to do with myself. and I love you all so deeply that I intend to father children with most of you, male and female alike. and then we will repopulate post nuclear earth together with our mutant children. It’s gonna be so great.

John Darnielle, The Mountain Goats, Bowery Ballroom, 3/30/2011 (via crimescene)


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thelaughingodradek asked:

My favorite song of yours is "Damn These Vampires." Just out of curiousity, is there a particular meaning behind the lyrics?

johndarnielle answered:

Yes, it’s actually about me when I was nineteen. I don’t like to do too much “this means that and here’s all the symbols unpacked” exegesis on any of my songs but it’s an autobiographical song. 


Mountain Goats Downloads




I got a request for a Mountain Goats download Masterpost, so here

Everything I have 

Now, technically you can go in and download individual folders, but I thought I’d put some stuff that seems harder to find as separate links.

Piracy is bad kids, mmmkay? 

Bonus: A bunch of pictures of John Darnielle that I keep for whatever reason

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